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Your One-Stop Shop for
3D Printing Solutions


Direct MFG

Engineering Services

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Get instant pricing, lead times, and feedback

Simply upload your 3D models and our platform provides instant feedback on pricing, lead times, and the best processes to make your custom parts.

You can explore various materials and manufacturing processes and compare prices in real-time!



Quality guaranteed

Every file is inspected by our CAD engineers for printability and application fit before printing. Laser Imaging delivers guaranteed high-quality parts at low prices and competitive lead times.



Faster than you think is possible

Designs take many iterations to perfect. So don’t waste time waiting on prototypes! Get your designs back and continue iterating without missing a beat.

With lead times as short as 24 hours, your development team can continue without missing a beat.

Guaranteed quality

Laser Imaging delivers guaranteed high quality parts at low prices and competitive lead times.

Competitive Prices

See a price you don't like? Call us!

Great Customer Support

We're available at any stage of your project to discuss design guidelines, troubleshoot design issues, or answer questions on advanced materials.

Additive Manufacturing Services

SLS Nylon

Durable Sintered Nylon 3D Prototyping

Durable Sintered Nylon

Sintered nylon is impact resistant, precise, and affordable, making it ideal for functional parts and production runs.

Features: High impact resistence, high temperature resistence, good chemical resistence, granular finish

Good for: Functional parts, complex geometries, fit tests

Expedited Speed: 1 Day


SLA 3D Printing Houston Texas

Highest Dimensional Accuracy

SLA resins offer mechanical properties similar to thermoplastics, have smooth surface finishes and are ideal for parts with tight tolerances.

Features: High detail, clear available, ABS-material available

Good for: Functional prototypes, simulating injection molded parts, display models, fit testing of small features

Expedited Speed: 2 Day

ColorJet Printing

Colorjet 3D Printing Houston, Texas

Print with Color

ColorJet Printing is perfect for creating full-color concept models, architectural models and demonstration models.

Features: Full Color models using up to 6 million different color combinations

Good for: Marketing models and concept prototypes

Expedited Speed: 1 day

MultiJet Printing


1000+ Material Combinations

Create beautifully smooth models with custom hardnesses that can mimic everything from a rigid thermoplastic to various rubber durometers.

Features: High resolution, smooth finish, mix custom hardness elastomers, clear available

Good for: Precise prototypes, display models, simulating multiple materials

Expedited Speed: 1 Day

Direct Metal

Direct Metal 3D Printing Materials

Direct Metal Laser Sinthering

Complex Shapes Made Simple

Produce metal parts with unique geometries and quick turn around for prototypes or small prodcution runs

Features: Print with 30 μm layers in 316L, 17-4PH, Inc 718, and aluminum; surface finish is similar to casting finish; can be post machined and polished if needed

Good for: Quick metal prototypes and small production runs with unique geometries

Expedited Speed: 5 days



Economical Thermoplastics

Good for quick, affordable prototypes. FDM parts are durable but have a rougher finish (showing layer lines) and don't do well with small details

Features: Low-cost, layered surface finish,

Good for: Rapid design iteration, affordable fit tests

Expedited Speed: 1 Day

We Make Custom Parts for Low Volume Manufacturing!

Our expertly integrated solutions replace, displace, and complement traditional development and manufacturing methods while reducing the time and cost of designing new products.

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