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Professional Production 3D Printer Equipment Sales

FFF 3D Printers


When top industry leaders are looking to stay competitive in a demanding market, 3D Platform is who they call. They are trusted by Fortune 100 companies to deliver solutions that meet the unique design needs of the most innovative ideas. Recognized worldwide, their global distribution network supported by Certified Service Providers has helped them deploy more large-format, open market 3D printers than anyone else. That’s Big.

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SLS & Metal Printers


Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of industrial grade plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting systems. They were founded with the clear vision and core commitment of creating an open platform system that will give users the freedom to innovate and expand the envelope of sintering technology for the world.

Farsoon eForm Series SLS 3D Printer Sales

SLS Printing

Farsoon Polymer Laser Sintering Solutions

Farsoon provides world-class industrial-grade solutions, including systems, materials and software for your direct additive manufacturing needs. With systems featuring open parameter sets and capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures between 190 ℃ ~ 280 ℃. Farsoon offers a greater range of flexibility and freedom for machine operation and material selection, all at affordable prices.

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Farsoon FS271M Metal 3D Printer Sales

Metal 3D Printing

Farsoon Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Farsoon’s metal systems are high quality industrial level machines. Featuring powerful laser options, advanced scanning systems, in-build monitoring and many other features, Farsoon machines produce parts with excellent surface quality, accuracy, and mechanical properties.

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